SmartOJ1008 Taotao pick apples


Tao Tao's home is with an apple tree in the yard. Every autumn the tree bear 10 apples. When apples were ripe, Tao Tao ran to pick apples. Tao Tao has a 30-centimeter-high bench. When she could not directly pick the apples by hand, she would try again by stepping on the bench.Now knowing the distance of each apple to the ground, and Tao Tao was able to reach the maximum height when she stretch the arms, please help her calculate how many apples she could pick . Assuming she touch the apples,the apples will fall down.


The input data includes the two lines.The first line contains ten integer, they range between 100-200 (including 100 and 200) (unit: cm) ten integer representation of 10 Apple and the distance from the ground.Between each two integers separated by a space.The second row includes only an integer, and its range is between 100 to 120 (including 100 and 120) (unit: cm), the integer represented tata grip straight can be achieved when the maximum height.


Output only one line of data, this line contains only an integer representing the number of Tao Tao to be able to pick apples.